Maija Berndtson


Maija Berndtson is the director of Helsinki City Library, Central Library for Public Libraries in Finland, since 1987.

Ms Berndtson is qualified librarian and obtained a Master of Arts degree at Helsinki University.
She has been internationally active in different projects within European Union, such as PubliCA, Public Libraries Concerted Action in 1997-1999.
She was a member of the International Network of Public Libraries run by the Bertelsmann Foundation in 1998-2001 and during that time wrote the Management Self-Assessment report in 1999 and Dreaming the Future – Some Funky Ideas on Managing Tomorrow’s Library in 2001.
She has co-authored Virtual Impact on the Physical Library, Visions for Intelligent Change in 2002. She has written many articles in Finnish library journals and authored books and has lectured in many international conferences all over Europe.
Ms Berndtson was a jury member of the Architecture Competition for the New Cultural Centre of Turin in 2000-2001, the International Architecture Competition of Stockholm Public Library in 2006-2007 and of Deichman Library of Oslo Public Library in 2009.
In 2000 Helsinki City Library was the first recipient of Access to Learning Award given by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Helsinki City Library received one million dollars in recognition of achievement in promoting the positive potentials of the internet.
In 2008 Maija Berndtson, was granted the 2008 Nuutti award for a life’s work of insightful library development, as well as for being an internationally influential player in the field of library work. The Nuutti award is distributed by BTJ Finland OY as recognition of activities for the benefit of library users and for the developing of library services.

Prior Presentations and Articles:
-Public Libraries in Urban Development, The Smart City and its Libraries, International Conference and Symposia in Copenhagen, 8-10 October 2008
-Central Library – The Heart of Metropolis, The Heart of Helsinki, 23 September 2008
-Libraries, Places for Culture and Democracy, XXIII UIA World Congress Torino, Transmitting Architecture, 1 July 2008
-Library Visionary Maija Berndtson Recieves Nuutti Award, 21 January 2008
-Nordic Library Co-operation from a European and Global Perspective – Management Strategies for New Structures Conference, 24 September 2007

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