Eppo Van Nispen


Eppo van Nispen is Director of the Library of Delf (The Netherlands).

Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaer (1964) had a succesfull career in broadcasting, where he was of among the first to work on interactive format. After this he decided to dedicate his knowledge of media and how people used them to work on the future for libraries. Eppo started thehighly acclaimed DOK Library Concept Center in Delft, a small city near Amsterdam (the Netherlands) with one of the best technical universities in the world. DOK’s mission is to build the world’s most modern library. In 2008 DOK was designated by international experts as the worldwide number one library in innovation. In 2009 they were appointed as the best library of the Netherlands. DOK is also the homeplace of the famous dutch Shanachies Jaap van de Geer and Erik Boekesteijn who were the first foreigners to win a “Movers and Shakers “award in 2009. Eppo van Nispen gets most of his advises from his own “Institute of Wise People” (his 5 kids and grandma of 102). His motto is “To infinity and beyond”. He is a wellknown international speaker.

The story Eppo van Nispen will tell is inspiring for every anyone who is interested in the future of libraries. During his talk he will take you to a new horizon. High paced, smart, funny and touching he will reach you where people should reach eachother; in your heart.

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