Brian Gambles


Brian Gambles is Assistant Director of Culture at Birmingham City Council.

A Liverpool native educated at Oxford University, Brian Gambles came to Birmingham (UK) in 1987 after spending several years in academic libraries. He has always been interested in new models of library service for changing times and changing communities. Brian has been a Board Member for Project EARL which pioneered internet access in libraries, and an elected member of the National Executive of the Society of Chief Librarians. He was involved with the recent Government review of Public Libraries conducted by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), and is a member of the DCMS Designation Panel for consideration of outstanding collections in Libraries and Archives. He is the author of numerous articles on library research, development and management, and has delivered many conference papers nationally and internationally.

Job creation, culture and learning, “the city’s living room”: Birmingham has selected the new Library of Birmingham as central to the city’s renewal. The Library of Birmingham development is a flagship project of the Big City Plan, focusing on the regeneration of the city, the most far-reaching city centre development project ever undertaken in the United Kingdom. The Big City Plan will drive forward the next 20 years of development in central Birmingham.

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