Børge Søndergård

Børge Søndergård is Head of Development, Hjørring City Library, Denmark.

For the last 36 years Børge Søndergård has been engaged in active professional work in Danish public libraries. In the 70’Th he picked up the basics of library work in one of the smallest communities in Denmark. In the 80’Th he served as librarian, Head of a branch library and in the late 80’Th as Head of a regional library with 6 connected branch libraries in Aarhus, the second largest community in Denmark. From 1992 to 2004 Børge Søndergård became Library Director of Horsens City Library. Since 2005 he has been a private consultant and since late 2006 Head of Development in Hjørring City Library, and have among other things been responsible for the shaping of the new public library, that has attracted superlatives from colleagues in the Danish library community as well as abroad.

Along with his professional work he engaged himself through all the years in different library associations. For many years through the 70’Th and 80’Th in the Union of Danish Librarians, once a member of Executive Board, otherwise through training activities, negotiating wages and professional work. From 1994 to 2004 Børge Søndergård has been the Vice-President of the Danish Library Association and among other activities member of its International Board and the Danish Copyright Forum.

In 1995 he was the originator of the “Manifesto for Public Libraries in the Information Society”. The Manifesto was adapted by the Association of Danish Library Managers and the Danish Library As¬sociation and has had a major impact on the rapid development in the Danish public libraries concerning the use of new media and the Internet.

In late 1997 Børge Søndergård was elected as Danish member of IFLA’s Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters (CLM), and he was very much engaged in the battle against the European Copyright Directive and along with that, the work with the new Danish Library Act of 2000. From 1999 – 2003 he was appointed to the Standing Committee for IFLA’s Section for Public Libraries and worked as both Information Coordinator and Secretary to the Committee.

Through the years Børge Søndergård has contributed with articles in periodicals, leaflets and books, and he is often used as lecturer in Denmark, occasionally in Scandinavia and Europe.

Børge Søndergård is born in 1950. He is married to Bodil Have, who is Library Director of Aalborg City Library, the third largest public library system in Denmark. He lives with his wife in Aalborg, and has the privilege of having 4 grandchildren.

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