Assisting and Virtual Services don’t exist. It’s about added value any which way you can – Eppo Van Nispen

Eppo Van Nispen
A library of today and certainly a library of tomorrow can’t do without an impeccable service either in- or outside the building. The “old school” library is focused on her collection of books. A “new school” or web 3.0 library is focused on her real collection which is her users. The libraries tries to reach and engage these users throughout all the possible means eg social and every other kind of media and resource you can think of. For that reason, the word “Virtual” is a stupid one, because it seems wether these services are a kind of ofroad non-existing thing. It’s the wrong name for a vital part of your library. I would like to call them as Valued Services: services that really count for and therefor engage the users. That’s what the value of libraries is, engaging people to bring them further in everyday life with everyday questions giving not everyday answers. If they do this right they will be more than Google or any other searchengine. The busines of information became for the old generations much more complex, for younger generations it is a world as is. Libraries should make the change and expand there presence. People should not find libraries as a coincidence, libraies should actively find people and give them added value. If they do this right they will no longer been seen as boring but as stimulators of creative thinking and knowledge in one’s life. There is nothing virtual to that.

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